Directory Search Tips

Member Directory Search Tips


The member I am looking for is not coming up in my search. What should I do?
Start by using as few search terms as possible. For instance, start by searching for the last name only. If the directory holds more than one person with that last name, you will get a list of names to choose from. If the list is too long to search through, add another search term such as first name.


I am looking for members from a certain university and nothing is coming up. Why?
The institution names in the member directory are abbreviated for consistency. This means that if you search for an institution such as University of Virginia, you will have to use the abbreviation (Univ Virginia) in order to get a result. Following is a list of abbreviations used throughout the directory:

School of  Medicine
Medical Center
Health Science Center

Sch Med
Med Ctr
Hlth Sci Ctr


Can I use wildcard characters in my search?
No. If you try to use wildcard characters such as *, your search will not return a result. The directory search engine will automatically search for any part of a word so it is not necessary to include wildcard characters. For instance, a search for "Anders" in the last name field will bring up entries for both Andersen and Anderson.


I have tried all the above suggestions and I still can't find the member I am looking for. What now?
The SfN member directory is continually changing as member information is updated and new members are added. If you think a member is missing from the directory or you have other concerns or questions about the directory, please contact